The Best Way To Get Curls Without Frizz

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, chances are that you also deal with frizz on a regular basis. It can be frustrating to try and preserve your curls and keep them intact without your hair puffing up, but there are a few things you can do. There are certain things you’ll need to buy when you get your wholesale beauty supply for this to work, the most important of which is coconut oil. You should also have a really good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that helps to make your hair soft and silky. Once you finish washing your hair, do not use a towel to dry it. Instead use a microfiber towel or a soft t shirt.

Next, take about a teaspoon (for shoulder length hair) and apply it to your hair. Depending on your hair texture, you can use more or less coconut oil. If you have an afro, feel free to use more and apply it from roots to tips. If you have looser curls and your hair tends to fall flat at the roots, only apply the coconut oil to the length of your hair and do not apply any to your roots.

Next take a soft, long sleeved t-shirt and lay it down on a flat surface. Slowly lower your wet, coconut oil covered hair onto the shirt so that it’s all stacked on top of each other. This will form tight curls. For looser curls, lay it straight. Then fold the excess material on your head and use the long sleeves to tie it securely. Keep your hair leg this for a few hours or overnight and when you take it off, you’ll have super moisturized, curly hair with minimal frizz.